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Star Wars Revolution v4 - The Legacy Empty Star Wars Revolution v4 - The Legacy

Post by #1SithLord on Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:05 pm

Hello everyone, it's me, your friendly neighborhood SithLord.

Well, I've seen everything all the way down to our community's humble roots. A friend of mine, Magsectim, and myself were once part of another forum until we decided to construct our own forum and thus the Sith Forum was born. After nearly a month on the Sith Forum and heavy recruiting from the Lucasarts forums, Kass and I created the Galactic Empire forum; the precursor to the Revolution series and the beginning of major RPs and characters. Several wars and epic battles later, Star Wars Revolution v1 was created, thus the beginning of the Revolution series.

v1 saw the addition of many more members epic wars, large battles, and an organized faction system. Over time, construction of v2 had entered everyone's mind and became a reality a short while later. v2 was the longest lasting of all the forums and was an expansion on v1 seeing larger campaigns of war and battle. Eventually, Kavin released rumors of v3, which had become the most anticipated forum yet. After nearly a year of waiting, v3 had finally been released, only for v2 to shut-down and v3 to disappear not long afterwards. Leaving people stranded.

During this hiatus, the Galaxy Revolution forum was created as a way to bring the community together again, people RP'd but mainly kept in contact on there. I then decided that our community needed to be reborn, I decided to create a 'real' v3 and began construction on a new forum.

Revolution reborn was finally born and it marked a reunification of the Rev. community. It also marked a major transition from bickering, large, numbers-oriented RPing to rich, in-depth, storytelling. We embarked on an epic RP that was both rich, and character driven. However, the 'fade away' plague hit once again, striking Reborn until it was used to maintain contact with the community.

Nearly a year later, something had to be done about this current trend we suffered through. I began work on this forum, Star Wars Revolution, v4. It would stand as the pinnacle of storytelling and epic campaigns. However, it would represent a true rebirth of the community and the Revolution Legacy.

Star Wars Revolution v4 opened July 1, 2011. A long time since the Sith forum was founded in May of 2004.

The Revolution Legacy has begun!

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