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Post by #1SithLord on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:48 pm

Nothing ever stays still on Coruscant, from the hieghts of it's tallest skyscrapers to the underbelly of its lowest level, everything is always in constant motion. The same could be said for the Senate Building, where laws for the entire civilized cosmos were debated.

The Senate was in session to discuss matters of Republic security to a recent rise in terrorist attacks, including the foiled attack on Unity Station.

"This delegation will come to order!" yelled the Chancellor's advisor amidst chanted and yelling in the Grand Convocation Chamber.

Several delegates from several worlds began their journey towards the center of the Rotunda on their repulsorpods.

"The delegation from Unity Station would like to point out that it has suffered one of the largest of these attacks and we have our security forces and the Jedi to thank for foiling it. Our experience in this matter grants us perspective. The only way to secure our society and way of life is to enact tighter security laws! Such a measure would have prevented the terrorists from evening reaching our station!" said a bothan in a stern voice.

"Tighter security?" barked a human senator from Alderaan, "Our society will only reject these laws. We weren't founded on hindering the freedoms of our people! we should never compromise our freedoms for security for our Republic deserves neither if we choose to go down this path. We must live with the benefit of the doubt or shall we let fear compel us into more harm against our own people!"

"The chair appreciates the input from the delegation of Alderaan and will take all considerations into the development of new security laws. However, the vote still remains. Tomorrow, we will vote on the Security Enhancement Bill and it's fate will be decided then. Before I call this session to end, I want all of you to put the Republic's best interest at heart when you vote tomorrow on this controversial bill." said the Chancellor in a warm voice.

His advisor then called an end to the Senate session until tomorrow in which they would vote on a new, controversial security law.

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