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Post by JokerHound on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:09 pm

Name: Uriel Kelevra

Race: Human

Age: 38

Height: 5'11

Weight: 185

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Lightsaber: Uriel has three sabers, though he normally only wields one. His primary saber is his original weapon, a simple hilt with leather wrapped about the handle and a blue blade. His second weapon is a masterfully crafted electrum hilt with a purple blade. He inherited it from his master, Qol Loken, who died under mysterious circumstances. The final weapon is a slightly curved hilt with thin straps of brown and black leath tied around the bottom. It was the weapon of his former padawan, Saul Veros.

Preferred Techniques: Electric judgement, push, pull, jump, telekinesis, and despite the protests of other Jedi: Force choke.

Description: A powerfully built figure, Uriel keeps himself in top physical condition. He keeps his dark brown hair in a tight military cut. His eyes are a deep, dark blue. He has a rugged kind of handsomeness, despite several scars on his face.


Uriel was born on Coruscant to poor parents. Jedi Master Qol Loken happened to be in the hospital at the time, and immediately approached the parents when he detected the vast force potential in the child. The Kelevras were not a wealthy family, and knew the Order would give him a better life than they could hope to.

As soon as Uriel was old enough, Master loken began training him. The council advised against Loken training the child he had found, wishing for another master to take Uriel as a student, but he was insistent that the potential he discovered in the youngling was too precious to risk wasting, and Loken was undeniably one of the greatest masters at their disposal. Reluctantly, the council agreed to his demands and Loken took in the youngling as his padawan.

Loken treated his apprentice as he would his own son. Under his careful, stern, guidance Uriel quickly grew to be a fine young warrior. He tirelessly worked to perfect his lightsaber drills, mastering the Shii-Cho form long before any of the other Padawans. He began training in Djem So and was quickly unmatched among his peers.

Once Uriel was old enough, Loken began training him in the Ataru form, forcing his apprentice to focus more on his mastery of the force in order to perfect his form. The enthusiasm Uriel had for lightsaber combat drove him to push himself to his limits in both saber combat and force manipulation.

When Uriel was 15 his master took him on a mission to Tatooine, where the pair worked to bring down a ring of slavers operating in the sector. During a talk with some mercenaries, supposed former employees for the Kolso corporation, one of the men tried to fire a blaster into the Master Loken's back. Uriel noticed the man reaching for the weapon and deflected the shot back into him just in time. The rest of the mercenaries quickly abandoned any thoughts of trying something similar as their associate fell to the ground with a crater in his face.

They exposed Kolso's involvement in the slave trade and, with help from Bennet Demeter, a Senator from Correlia, shut down the company and the slavers.

From that day forward the bond between Loken and Uriel began to change from that of a father-son bond to more of a brotherly one.

Loken began to give his student liberties to train in any way he wished, and the eager apprentice quickly took a liking to the Juyo form. As he perfected his skill in the form his master would frustrate him during training sessions, his passive Niman form making it seem that he was effortlessly thwarting Uriel's attacks. It annoyed him to no end and only served to push him to train even harder.

Uriel was knighted at age 18, and quickly established a reputation as an efficient tool for the council. He was often sent to mediate disputes, but was better suited to apprehending dangerous criminals. After he shut down several crime rings the assassination attempts started. Every few months or so there would be another one, but no one ever came close to killing the young Jedi.

He also began tutoring other Jedi in lightsaber combat, and most of the time he wasnt out on missions he could be found in the practice chambers instructing other knights in the various forms. In his training dozens of different Jedi he began to learn more and more unorthodox techniques, and decided to teach himself Makashi in order to make himself a better teacher, able to throw attacks at his partners that they had never seen.

when he was 20 he took a padawan named Saul Veros. over the years veros became a competant warrior and the pair were sent on all of the most difficult missions, their reputations usually enough to quell most tense situation without the need for violence. When violence did break out, their reputations were proven accurate. The pair at work were an amazing sight, and more than once they triumphed over seemingly impossible odds.

At age 30 He finally defeated his former master in a one-on-one battle, his unique blend of lightsaber forms proving too unpredictable for Loken's passive Niman. Loken could not deny how proud he was of his old pupil, seeing him grow in skill and surpass him in lightsaber proficiency. He knew Uriel would make a powerful Jedi master some day.

Fifteen years after taking his padawan Uriel was elevated to the rank of master and given a seat on the council, while Saul was given the rank of knight.

Saul's first mission as a knight was to accompany Master Loken to investigate a series of shuttle disappearing in the out rim. Uriel was glad his two friends were working together, and knew each would be safe with the other watching his back. When no word was heard from the pair for many weeks, Uriel went to investigate.

He tracked them to an abandoned space station that showed signs of being hevily scavenged for parts. It appeared all of the defense systems and much of the life support had been salvaged, probably for the building of ships. Though who would be building ships that large this far out, Uriel couldn't begin to guess.

When he found them he was in shock. Both Jedi were dead, the distinctive marks of Lightsaber wounds on their bodies. He took their bodies back to Coruscant, and gave them both proper burials. Who could have killed two remarkably skilled Jedi like Saul and Loken? That was when Master Kelevra had a fundament shift in his personality. He was mostly silent during council meetings, and when he did voice his opinion it was usually to suggest the use of force on criminals.

His sessions in the training arenas grew longer. The training cages were the only place where he felt like his light-hearted, happy self, and the only place he felt comfortable instructing younger members of the order. He began focusing on lightsaber to lightsaber combat with an almost fanatical obsession, determined to be able to find whoever had killed his friends and distribute justice. The other members of the council have grown concerned, but his skill and experience are invaluable to the order and in a time of growing turmoil they cannot afford to lose him. He is well-liked among the civilians and especially the military, and has friends in the senate. His connections have often helped the order, so though many in the order dislike the methods he uses, his effectiveness is undeniable. Many are begining to consider him a Grey Jedi, a label which he does not argue. He knows full well that he is not strictly walking the path of light, but he knows whatever killed his friends is out there, and he knows it isn't finished yet.

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Post by JokerHound on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:49 pm

Secondary Characters:

Bennet Demeter

Race: Human

Age: 55

Height: 5'7

Weight: 178

Affiliation: Republic Senate

Appearance: Slightly greying black hair and a short beard. He is in decent shape for a man of his age.

Bio: Bennet Demeter grew up the son of a wealthy businessman on Corellia. His mother died shortly after childbirth in a tragic shuttle crash, leaving his father, Cale Demeter, to raise him alone. Cale had grown up in poverty, and determined himself not to allow his son to grow up spoiled.

Throughout his childhood, Bennet had to work for things. He had to buy his own speeder, get a part-time job to help pay for his own schooling, and when he got a ticket for wreckless driving, his father made him serve double the court ordered hours of community service.

In time, Bennet grew up to be a selfless public servant, working in the governor's mansion as a clerk. He attempted to join the repulic military, but a sickness he had as a child disqualified him from service.

At age 28 he ran for public office, and won a seat on the planetary council. That was where Bennet met his future wife, Illiana, who was an advisor to the governor at the time. The pair began dating, and three years after they met, Bennet proposed. The couple has two childred, Cale (age 15) and Maliana (age 9).

After several successful terms in the council, Bennet's peers pushed him to run for Senate. He won the election in a landslide, some attributing his success to the public liking his close relationship with Jedi Master Qol Loken.

Since he took office, Bennet has become even more popular on his planet, rooting out corrupt officials at home and working closely with the Jedi Order to stamp out crime in the region and across the Galaxy.

Bennet has become one of Jedi Master Uriel Kelevra's closest friends, following the death of Master Loken. He pushed for investigations into the activity in the outer rim territory, but the senate deemed it a waste of resources. Master Kelevra considers Bennet Demeter to be one of his closest allies.

Blitzoken Kallacs

Race: Nautolan

Age: 22

Height: 5'5

Weight: 150

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Appearance: Short, thin, and muscular, Blitzoken is a small but powerful figure. His skin is a unique shade of teal and his eyes are purple. He is usually seen with a smile on his face.

Lightsaber: A classical hilt that comes to a "T" guard at the top with a yellow blade.

Bio: "Blitz" as he is known to his friends, cannot remember his life before the order, nor does he wish to. All he knows for sure is that he was an orphan on Taris.

He was selected as a padawan by Master Kasis Illumnis, and over the years he grew to be an excellent Jedi. She prepared him for all number of challenges, and he grew to be a skilled Sentinel. He grew to become close friends with a fellow padawan, Saul Veros. The pair would train in the practice cages together, and Blitz was never quite able to best his friend.

While Saul was knighted a year before him, Blitz worked hard to improve his skills to try to catch up to his friend and rival. When he finally felt he could give Saul a run for his money, tragedy struck. Saul Veros and Master Loken were killed in a mission to the outer rim. No one was ever found to be responsible for the crime, and it weighed heavily on his heart, but he pressed on, promising to honor the memory of his fallen friend.

He was soon knighted and became well-known for his ability to calm hostile situations. His likable and happy demeanor was enough to settle most situations. He was sent in as a negotiator in several instances where bloodshed was thought inevitable, only to find peace. On the rare occasions violence was called for, he was a powerful warrior.

As his fallen friend's former Master began to practice in the training cages with an almost fanatical obsession Blitz decided to join him. He knew his friend would want his former master to find peace, and it seemed the only way Master Kelevra found peace was in the training cages. He liked to think that he was becoming friends with the Master jedi, and a side benefit of his bonding with Uriel was that his skills improved greatly. His closest friends, Kaiser and Baysingh, realised that he had learned much in his sessions with Master Kelevra, and soon joined him in training with the Master.

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