The Story So Far...........

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The Story So Far........... Empty The Story So Far...........

Post by #1SithLord on Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:19 pm

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...........


Year Zero...... The beginning of our time here but not the beginning of the story.

Devasting wars nearly destroyed the Galaxy as thousands of inner star systems battled each other for control and superiorirty. After nearly a century of fighting, peace was at long last achieved. In 171 BYZ, delegates from all the star systems met on neutral ground and signed the Declaration of Unity. The Republic was born and the galaxy had experienced a time of true peace not experienced for a thousand generations. The Jedi, which had been a peaceful religion living quietly on Ossus, outside the Republic, was invited to become one with the Republic as guardians of Freedom, Justice, and Peace in the galaxy. Ever since the foundation of the Republic, minor wars would pop-up involving several seperatist entities and even the Mandalorians but the Republic brutally won every war since, showcasing their military might.

As part of their 100th founding anniversary, a massive Stanford Torus wheel Space station was constructed from 73 BYZ to 71 BYZ. Unity Station, built near Corellia in Corellian space. It houses nearly 1.5 Billion people and is open for all Republic citizens. It stands as a symbol of both the Freedom, Unity, and Power of the Republic. It was, however, the setting for a major terrorist plot which later led to controversial security measures being brought into effect all over the Republic.

However, with seemingly all galactic opposition obliterated, a new emerging threat threatens everything that the Republic stands for. Former members of the Jedi order that have named themselves 'Sith.' In darkest secrecy, these powerful beings have been gather resources, contructing ships and building their Empire on the fringes of the Galaxy, awaiting a day for their chance to conquer the Galaxy and destroy a seemingly fragile Republic.......

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