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Post by Kori Buor on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:04 am

Over the short time they spent in hyperspace Kori Buor got to know the Jedi Knight they were keeping on board. She was older than him by a few years at least. She was an excellent combatant in lightsaber forms. He discovered that she was a Jedi Investigator that was reporting to the council on Ossus. She was a tough woman with a strong build. He liked her but he felt that her cobalt blue eyes were looking into his soul every time she looked at him. It made him feel uncomfortable.

As Captain Lucas's third in command he was in charge of the Con whenever Lucas wasn't on deck and also had to tend to Athena as part of his orders from Lucas. During the journey Kori got to know the ship and the crew better. Most of the crew seemed fair if a little standoffish.

"Look sir, I don't make these requests I just relay them," Kori reiterated to his commanding officer.

"I realize that, and you need to relay this message to that Jedi," the Captain replied. "That this is not a pleasure yacht, or a luxury cruise, we do not have time to accommodate her on board a military vessel like this."

"If I may sir, what of the new Jedi we are bringing on board? Won't they want something similar at the very least?" Kori asked.

"And you shall tell them the same thing. They can make do with what they have," Lucas replied.

Kori's shoulders slumped. "Aye Captain."

Kori started to turn around. "Lieutenant," Lucas stated.

Kori stopped and looked at his commander. "Sir?"

Lucas looked out the viewport then back at his subordinate. "I know this isn't your ideal duty. But I need to know I can trust you. The Admiralty gave me a choice of young Lieutenants. You were the one that came the most recommended. Graduating almost at the top of your class, as well showing a competency and ingenuity with battle tactics. I had to pick somebody that I knew wouldn't agree with my command one hundred percent so I picked you. I pick you because you were the most competent and capable on that entire list. Please do not prove my choice misinformed Lieutenant."

Kori stood up straight. "Aye sir. I'll do my job sir."

"Good," Lucas replied. "Now, we shall be exiting hyperspace above Ossus within the hour, please inform our Jedi of my decision and of our schedule. We should land within two hours if everything goes smoothly."

"Yes sir, I shall relay the message sir," Kori stated. He clicked his heels and saluted. Lucas returned the salute and dismissed Kori. Kori exited the bridge and sighed. "Great..."
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Post by Kori Buor on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:27 pm

Kori tapped on Athena's door.

"Enter," came the soft reply. Kori stepped in the room and looked around. It was probably just as bear as his was at the moment. The Arkanian Jedi Knight sat meditating, he white hair tucked behind her pointed ears and her blue eyes closed. Her face was calm and relaxed.

"I take it that the Captain has denied my request?"

Kori was speechless. He quickly regained his composure, "My apologies."

"It's okay, I knew he would, I had to ask though," she smiled as she opened her eyes. "What is our time table then?"

"We should be dropping out of hyperspace above Ossus soon," Kori replied.

Athena nodded. "Excellent news to hear. Can you keep a secret Lieutenant?"

Kori nodded.

"We are picking up more than one Jedi on Ossus... and I'm not getting off," Athena smiled lightly. "All part of the Council's plan."

"I don't think the Captain will like that once he finds out," Kori pondered.

"No doubt, but the Captain will know once we land and a few of my friends come aboard," Athena laughed. "I trust you will not tell him?"

"While I don't approve of the subterfuge I am no rat," Kori stated. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you," Athena smiled. Kori felt the ship decelerate as it came out of hyperspace.

"It appears that we have arrived at our destination," Kori said.

"It does appear to be so," she stated standing up. "Will you please escort me to the bridge?"

Kori bowed. "Yes ma'am."

Kori led the Jedi Knight down the hallways and the turbolift to the bridge where the Captain was waiting.

"I see the Jedi has come to check on our progress," Lucas said smugly. "We shall be on the ground in thirty minutes if conditions prove to be favorable."

"Conditions prove to be favorable?" Athena asked.

"Assuming nothing goes wrong," Kori stated.

"Oh, I see," Athena responded. "I will send a message to those on the ground that we have arrived."

Athena turned and left the bridge. Once she had disappeared from view the Captain turned to Kori and rolled his eyes. "I hate Jedi."

"Yes sir," Kori acknowledged.

"Helm, take us down to the planet at the coordinates the Jedi provided.

"Aye sir."

At the bottom of his stomach he had a bad feeling like something dark and ominous was approaching.
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Post by Kori Buor on Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:22 pm

The Triumphant touched down on a grassy plain near the Jedi Temple on Ossus. Kori escorted Athena to the Jedi Temple where she was meeting her Jedi companions. She led the way with a brown robe over her silver and white tunic. Kori had to move quickly to keep up with Athena's wide strides. Kori didn't like having to babysit but he accepted that there were worse people to babysit. He looked forward at Athena as she moved with a purpose, a determination. Together they walked up the front steps of the temple where they were met by a man and a young Lethan Twi'lek female.

"Kin!" Athena smiled as she gave the man a hug. "Good to see you again. Allura, good to see you, too."

She gave the young Twi'lek a small squeeze.

"It is good to see you again Athena," said the man called Kin with a graciously deep voice. "It has been some time since we last saw each other."

"Four months since the Council sent me on my last mission," Athena remembered. She looked at Kori. "Ah yes, Kin, this is Lieutenant Kori Buor."

Kori bowed respectfully. "Of the Triumphant. Your humble servant."

Kin returned the bow looking at his padawan and slapping her across her stomach to follow his lead. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance Lieutenant."

"Yes, he has been most helpful to me," Athena smiled at him.

"I have been merely following orders," Kori replied honestly.

"Indeed you have, but you have also borne those orders with the utmost respect and maturity Lieutenant. Even if you didn't want to 'babysit' me," Athena smirked at Kin.

Kori opened his mouth but he was speechless.

"Be careful of this one," Kin laughed. "She likes to read minds. It's what makes her so damn good of an investigator."

Kin looked up at the sky. "I felt it, too," Athena said.

"Felt what?" asked the Padawan.

"A tremor, a dark force bearing down on this planet," Athena replied.

"Some foul approaches," Kin said glancing at Kin then looking directly at Athena. She looked back at him with a worried expression on her face.
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Kori Buor

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