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Forum Update: July 5th Empty Forum Update: July 5th

Post by #1SithLord on Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:34 pm

Well, I think we've hit off to a pretty decent start. We got things off to a quick a exciting start. Here are some interesting forum statistics so far:

Posts :

Posts per day :

Number of topics :

Topics per day :

Number of users :

Users per day :

Also, I've made some changes to the forum itself at the request of the members:
-Added a new chatbox with added features to previous incarnations.
-Added user groups based on Factions (Jedi, Sith, Republic) Jedi = Blue, Sith = Red, Republic = Green.

As time goes on, please place any suggestions you have that will enhance our forum. This forum's for you guys and anyway you want to enhance it, just let me know.

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