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Post by JokerHound on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:34 am

The mood in the council chamber was tense. Empty seats marked the absence of the members who were either on missions or who had been slain in the attack. They were using a meditation chamber for their meetings for now, while the temple was being repaired. Senator Demeter had invested his personal wealth in seeing to the reconstruction of the temple. He was a true friend to the Jedi, thought Master Kelevra.

No, not to the jedi, he thought. He did it with a sense of patriotism and respect for the Jedi, this much was certain, but Uriel reminded himself that Bennet was probably doing this because he wanted to help Uriel any way he could. His kindness and friendship had been one of the few constants in Uriels life for the past few years, and he could never truly repay him for all he had done.

His thoughts turned back to the meeting, and Bettic Crae finished up his report. He had listed the extent of the damages and the casualty figures from the attack on the temple, though the slaughter on the Outer Rim was still a mystery.

Master Aldaana hung her head. The losses were tragic and it was taking a toll on her. She looked exhausted and torn, as though each of the jedi slain had been a small part of her. She remained silent as the other masters began to speak, debating whether or not to recall the Jedi to Coruscant. Uriel found it difficult to pay attention.

Master Kasmir and Master Ullanor were debating when Master Aldaana suddenly interrupted.

"Gentlemen, quiet, please. I think we need to hear from Master Kelevra. He warned us of this possibility, and perhaps he has some insight on this matter."

Uriel stood, somewhat surprised to be acknowledged. In the recent years he had been more or less non-active in the council, rarely voicing his opinion and truthfully looking forward to ending the meetings so he could get back to the training cages. He had warned them several times of this hidden danger, and they had failed to heed his warning, but he had not expected that to be acknowledged.

He stood from his seat and paced to the center of the room.

"Thank you, Grandmaster. The way i see it, these sith want us exterminated. If we consolidate in one place we will only make it easier for them to find us. They are by no means finished. I beleive they plan to make war on the Republic. Whether this is for conquest or simply to get to us, i cannot guess, but whatever power caused that massacre we all felt in the Outer Rim is certainly capable of waging war. The Republic will not seek them out on our behalf, though it is not their faults. They are afraind, and do not want a war they can avoid. For now, I will take a contingent of jedi to Taris. It is our nearest stronghold and the most likely target for their next attack, especially if they plan on war with the republic."

"That is foolish!" Cried Master Kasmir, "you just said they will hunt us. Why go to them? If they could strike us here what chance will you face there?"

"Because!" Uriel said, not realising that his voice was raised to nearly a shout, "The republic will no doubt be reinforcing border world, and because, Master Kasmir, this time I will know they are coming. This will not be an ambush. This will be the first battle in what i am sure will be a war."

"Your warmongering has gone far enough, Master Kelevra," Said Kasmir. "You do not want to fight to defend the Jedi or the Republic. You want to fight for revenge."

Uriel shot him a glare. "I do this because it is what must be done. Revenge is just a coincidental bonus. Make no mistake, war is upon us. The sooner we acknowledge that the sooner we can form a battle plan and maybe save some lives!"

Master Aldaana interjected to prevent further hostility between the masters.

"Thank you, masters, for your opinions. I will meditate on them and we will reconvene later tonight.'

"No, Grandmaster, I am sorry but i am going to Taris. Even if it isnt their next target it is the best place to organize a defense and gather intel. We need Jedi on Taris."

She locked eyes with him, at first with a hint of annoyance, and then gratitude. "If your mind is made up, i suppose you should go with my approval. Only you forsaw this Uriel. I am sorry we did not listen."

"I am sorry i did not speak louder, Grandmaster."

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The Council Empty Re: The Council

Post by Kori Buor on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:07 am

Jedi Knights Kin Halcyon and Athena Mikdessa and Kin's Padawan Allura stood before the Jedi Council. They had landed half an hour ago and made sure the younglings were taken care of before they were ushered into the makeshift Council Chambers. Kin had never seen so much damage done by so few before. He never expected it at the Jedi Temple of all places.

Athena was worried. If an enemy was bold enough, and strong enough, to attack the Jedi at their two strongest places and gain strategic victories at both against hundreds, if not thousands of Jedi then they were in trouble.

The three Jedi stood before the Council. They had just finished their report of the battle and of the events that transpired as they remembered it. They remained silent until they were bid to speak again. Kin looked into the eyes of Master Aldaana as she meditated on the report.
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