Roleplay Rules!! MUST READ!!!!

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Roleplay Rules!! MUST READ!!!! Empty Roleplay Rules!! MUST READ!!!!

Post by #1SithLord on Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:55 pm

Alright, if you are reading this prior to joining the RP, you are smart. Knowing and adhering to these will make the RP experience much easier and fun.

First off, I am the Game Master. I am the Overlord. That doesn't mean I control your fate or the galaxy. All this means is that at random times during the RP, I will introduce new plots and events to shake things up a bit. When they will come is completely random. What they will be is entirely up to me. They will keep you on your feet and keep the story interesting. They will offer surprises and leave all of you, depending on your character, having to make a choice to determine your own fate, the fate of others, and ultimately the fate of the galaxy.

Second, everyone is limited to 1 Major Character and 3 minor characters. Your sinlge major character will pretty much be who you are in the RP. They are your main character, they can control factions, be powerful, etc. Your 3 minor characters won't have that luxury. One thing I've noticed is that on Rev. Reborn, people would have several characters but all those characters would be in charge of one faction or another, that won't be the case. They will be your supplemental characters to your main character. Your main character can't do everything, that's why you can have up to 3 minor characters. They will support the main character storyline, your personal ambitions in the RP, and add depth to the Story without it being too overkill. With that said, you should probably create a Character into the Character Profiles forum.

Third, Factions. When I started Rev. Reborn, their were only four factions: Republic, Empire, Sith, and Jedi. Essentially, it was two seperate sides. At the end of Reborn, we added The Mandalorians, The Speratists, the Hutts, The Inquisition, a second sith order, etc. It was only several years in our storyline yet all these factions popped up. From now on, only I can approve new factions. Adding factions will also be part of my plans for the first paragraph. Now, that doesn't mean you can't be a Mandalorian, leading a squad or being a bounty hunter. It does mean that you can't be a Mando, build up a massive army, and attack everyone. Stuff like that takes years in storyline to complete. If you really want to start or lead a new faction, just let me know and I'll see how to best implement it in our storyline.

Fourth, Roleplaying, Pretty much adhere to the forum layout. For example, if a topic takes place on Dantooine, but you posted it on Coruscant... well, c'mon, we are smarter than that. It also helps the organization of the RP and makes keeping up with a rolling storyline much easier. If you'd like a new planetary forum, just let me know.

Last, Prior to reborn, all of our RP's revolved around fleet numbers and who had the most ships. Reborn wasn't like that, a Good, Rich, and in-depth storyline was our focus on Reborn. Over time, I've seen our RP skills mature from bickering about fleet numbers to writing a good story. I have good faith that we will do the same here, everyone will use their common sense, and keep things geared more towards making an exciting and great story rather than spamming ships all over the place. Let's make something that we can look back on and re-read with great interest and joy.

Good hunting, people!

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