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Crisis on Coruscant Empty Crisis on Coruscant

Post by Lanx on Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:03 pm

"Do you think I'm right in saying that?"

"In saying what?" Alexandra looked up from the half-frayed napkin into a pair of piercing blue eyes, set almost perfectly in a strong, yet not too harsh face. His shapely jaw bespoke a military type, as did the casual suit he wore, which displayed his toned body flatteringly. He was just a few years older than her, she suspected, with jet black hair that had just begun to grey around the temples, adding experience without suggesting agedness.

She felt like a fool for not paying attention to him. She had left the Coruscant RSA office in a flurry, blowing off two assistants and half a meeting in the process, all to make it to this date. It was the only free time she had had for at least a week, and her mind insisted on work.

A soft, defeated sigh escaping her, she ran her fingers through her shoulder-length blown hair and apologized. "I'm sorry, it's been a week," she said, looking down from his eyes. She returned her focus to the table and resumed her shredding of the napkin. "Could you maybe--"

Her speech trailed off as his hands entered her field of view. She was acutely aware of every second as he stretched across the table and gently took her hand in his, silencing her napkin shredding. Feeling his firm, yet gentle touch sent a shiver up her arm all the way down to her lower back, making her acutely aware of just how lonely she was. She shut her mouth, realizing it had been left agape, a sure side effect of being so caught off-guard. She would have scolded herself had it not felt so right.

He watched her reaction with carefully, and smiled in response. She felt he may even have been suppressing a laugh. "Alright, Alex, one more shot," he teased, but with good nature permeating his voice. He seemed about to speak again when a humorous glint flashed in his eyes, then manifested in his voice. "Now, how far do you need me to rewind?"

Alex withdrew her hands and covered her mouth as she laughed lightly at her own absurdity. She then flashed him a flirtatious look, one suggesting he would find his patience with her to be well worth his time, and reached for her wine glass. Taking a sip for courage, she leaned forward and returned her fingers to the soft cradle of his hands. She was about to speak when beeping sound emerged from her blazer, tearing through the peaceful silence atmosphere of their private balcony seating.

She tried to reach for her datapad, but found her hands stuck in his. She found it hard enough to make the effort, but his hands hand closed tightly around hers, and his eyebrow flicked up with an expression laden with both humor and concern.

"Look, Alex, can this wait?" he asked kindly, loosening his grip on her fingers. The datapad beeped once more, and she only winced, battling with herself for the right course of action. "I just don't want to let this chance go," he continued. "We can't keep canceling and rescheduling like this, it's not going to work."

After a moment she resigned herself, choosing to ignore her two messages. Nodding in agreement, she slid across the crescent-shaped booth into the comfort of his outstretched arm. Together they both finished their wine, staring off into the high Coruscant night, but both quite aware of their intimate proximity.

They laughed together as a trio of RSF vehicles speed a few hundred meters from their private section of the restaurant, sirens crying into the air, and lights bathing the surrounding garden with red and blue hues. She could see by the make flying formation that they were all unmarked speeders, most likely a few special agents bringing closure to an assignment, or a quick reaction to a special lead. She allowed herself to entertain these thoughts for two reasons: First, because she was sure she would probably hear a report of it in the morning, and second, because she noticed the sparkle in his eye as he watched her proud observation.

A third beep screeched from her blazer, startling her this time. Shaking her head, she reached into her pocked to remove this datapad.

"Time to silence that think, I think." Even more enticing than the tone in his voice was the feeling of his hot break on her ear. The hairs of the back of her neck stood straight on end, and she felt as if she would have turned immediately to kiss him had it not been for the sight unfolding in front of her.

A chorus of red and blue lights shone before her, racing in the direction of the first three speeders. She counted five coming her direction, rising to and moving to the railing as their sirens grew ever-louder. Soon four began a well-executed cover pattern while a large speeder with a sliding door stopped five meters from the rail. The door slid open, revealing two RSF agents clad in strike gear.

"Is your datapad broken, Ma'am?" asked a suited figure from within. He leaned forward into the light, but she had already recognized her second-in-command David. "Sorry," she said, accepting his help into the speeder.

She looked back to apologize to her date, but Garrek was nowhere to be seen. A pile of money lay under their two wine glasses, and a waiter in white stood with a shocked expression, holding a new wine bottle that was intended for their table.

Setting her Jaw, Alex sat down next to David and removed her datapad. "What's the emergency?"

"Let's go. Go!" Called David to the driver. The agents withdrew their weapons, the door slid shut, and the speeder shot into the night, flanked by four unmarked escorts.

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