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Post by Sheppard on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:45 pm

A whirlpool erupted into the night. It was the second one of the day. The first had deposited a small device on wheels that had visual and audio sensors attached. As the light generated from this whirlpool swirled across the buildings surrounding it, a figure appeared from the whirlpool, then two, then three. Ten people finally stood in front of the whirlpool as it vanished into the night.

The ten people moved silently, weapons raised, alert for any danger. Any creature around still watched the figures intensely from all angles. The figures finally ignited beams of light that lanced out in whatever direction they were facing.

One of the figures pointed up, towards the faint noise of a the bustling metropolis of Coronet City and at once all the figures took off into the sky.


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