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Post by #1SithLord on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:34 pm

The fleet responsible for the destruction of Mon Calamari hovered in geo-synchronous orbit above Korriban. Joined by the rest of the Korriban Fleet, it was a formidable sight.

However, the fleet was dormant is comparison to the various Command Centers on the planet below. In the main Sith fortress, nothing was still and calm but rather chaotic and urgent. Thousands of troopers moved from the comforts of their barracks to the loading zones. Dozens of Commanders and officers hurried about, issuing commands to their various battlegroups, all trying to effectively coordinate a coming large-scale invasion of the Republic.

In the Fortress' main conference room, Darth Galaticus conversed with his highest ranking Sith Lords, Commanders, and Generals.

"My Lord, the time has come. After our victories at Ossus and Mon Calamari, the Republic has declared war upon us yet we still have the advantage. they know not who they war with nor have the location of any of our planets within the Empire." said a Sith Lord, sitting close to the Dark Lord.

"But how long will that last!? Our intelligence reports that the Republic has already sent thousands of probes across the Galaxy, searching for evidence of us. If we want to win this war, we need to attack hard and fast, we need to throw their militaries into disarray. In doing this, we will force the majority of their fleets to defend against us thus better protecting our infastructure." said another General.

"I believe that our biggest priority is to attack and capture their infastructure and claim it for ourselves. Just like our success at Mon Calamari, its facilities are now producing weapons, technology, and ships or our Empire while taking it away from the Republic. Not only that but trying to capture instead of destroy key infastructure will make the business of building our Empire easier." said a Commander, standing up to address the table.

"You under-estimate the power of this Empire gentlemen. We have been in existance more than twice as long as the Republic. Only I am aware of our full military might as I have fleet cells isolated and spread all across the Outer Rim. All under my command and hidden, waiting to be called upon. These cells account for nearly half of our total fleet and have ensured our dominance within the Outer Rim without the Republic knowing." Darth Galaticus said with a firm tone of confidence. He then stood up at the helm of the large table and spoke again,

"We have been planning and preparing for this longer than anything in the Republic has existed. We no doubt have the fleet numbers. We equal or even surpass the Republic's own numbers. Secrecy has been our strength yet also our downfall. Had our ancestors attacked during the Unifying Wars, This Sith Empire would be in the place of the Republic instead. We have been patient for this long, our patience will reward us my brothers. Remove any doubt from your head and you will see victory."

With the press of a few buttons on his personal console, the dark grew dark and a tactical hologram of the entire Galaxy was shown. It contained fleet locations (minus the isolated cells), and trajectories for invasion movements. It also gave a boundary for the Republic as it stands but none for the Sith Empire.

"Our assault on the Republic will be the most complex large-scale military operation this Galaxy has ever seen. I need all of you along with the other Commanders to be at their best for this operation. We've switched to a wartime economy, all of our assets are now producing weapons, technology, and ships for our cause. that was step one of our operation and has been a success. We've fully switched all infastructure to fuel and support the war effort. We are prepared to hit the Republic hard and fast. That means, we will strike their vital infastructure....."

The Dark Lord then went into a detail account of the operation, developed by him and other high Sith Lords.......

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