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Post by #1SithLord on Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:05 pm

Name: Kane Leponius/ Darth Galaticus
Title: Dark Lord of The Sith
Height: 6'3
Weight: 235 (300 with armor)
Birthplanet: Korriban
Affiliation: Sith

Personal equipment: 2 Lightsabers, attached back (when armor is on). Yuuzhan Vong formed armor that can absorb or deflect most blaster fire. Can deflect few lightsaber strikes in thick areas such as chest, back, and head. Other areas are not impervious to lightsaber attacks.

Master: Darth Fatum (deceased)
Apprentice: None (Current)

Darth Galaticus Strhks10

Phsyical Profile: Class A :::: Dental Profile: Class A :::: Eyes :::: Blue :::: Hair: Dark Brown :::: Force Strength :::: Class V(highest class)

Preffered Force powers: Force Push, Force Choke, Force Crush, Force Lightning, Force Storm, Emerald Lightning.

Known to have experience with nearly all known Force Powers. Also known for uniquely using the Force for Molecular Manipulation, Climate Control, and Personal Levitation.


Born on Korriban to a Sith Family, he was born with a great affluence for the force. His midichlorian count was extremely high, rivalling that of the present Dark Lord of the Sith. However, this wasn't noticed until he was only a few years old, felt through the force by the Dark Lord himself, Darth Fatum.

When he felt the young being's power, he knew his search for an apprentice was over. He stormed the residence of his house and immediately slaughtered his parents who tried to protect their son. The Dark Lord then kidnapped the young boy, and began to raise and train the boy in secret.

During his teens and twenties, young 'Darth Galaticus,' began to show signs of remarkable power. He would display his raw power during times of great duress and stress, overshadowing his master and his master's expectations.

In time, Darth Galaticus had turned from a young boy with massive potential to a grown, ambitious man that was one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. His ambitious nature knew that his first obstacle at dreams of ruling the galaxy was his Master.

He faced his master in the Valley of the Sith Lords, the spirits of fallen Dark Lords would watch as Master and Apprentice battled for control of the Sith, and potentially, the fate of the galaxy. They wrought havok upon each other and their surrounding enviroment until one fell....

Darth Fatum had been cut down by the more powerful of the two, Darth Galaticus. The new Dark Lord stood tall over his former master and became the Master. He dreamt of bringing the Sith's centuries-old plan to fruition. He sought to lead the Sith to war against the Republic in a war the likes this Galaxy has never seen, but always feared.

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(minor characters)
(in order of appearance)

Darth Sidus/ Tyvark Freyhem
Title: Sith Lord, Darth Galaticus' right hand

Darth Galaticus Sith_l10

Species: Human
Birthplace: Nar Shaada

Stats: Strong within the Dark Side of the Force. One of the most powerful of the Sith Order behind Darth Galaticus

Born to a poor family living in the shady slums of Nar Shaada. He knew only poverty and survival. His parents were killed in gang related incidences and he was forced to join local street gangs to survive. He resorted to a life of crime which evolved from necessity in order to survive all the way to pleasure. He thoroughly enjoyed the crimes he committed. On the lawless world of Nar Shaada, he was never captured.

During his mid-teens, his affinity for the force was noticed by a Sith on a personal mission to the planet. He kidnapped the young boy and brought him to Korriban. He was tortured by his new Sith masters and put through endless suffering to mold his mind to hate and rage. They trained in lightsaber combat and the ways of the Dark Side.

Overtime, his strength and influence in the order grew until he became highly noticed by Darth Galaticus himself. Darth Galaticus had thoughts of making Sidus his apprentice but found him too old to fully train and not as powerful as he'd sought. Darth Galaticus made Sidus his right hand. The will of the Dark Lord. Whatever Galaticus needed done, Sidus accomplished his task with brutal efficiency.

Now, Darth Sidus heads into his new missions in the war against the Jedi with profound efficiency and a passion to destroy the Jedi forever!

Overtime, h

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