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Post by #1SithLord on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:00 pm

Alright, now that this place is officially opened. It now becomes a matter of staying opened. I've done what i can to add this forum to various search engines but ultimately I'm going to need everyone else's help. If any of you are on another type of forum, no matter what kind, please advertise there if you can. Increases in our forum activity will also increase our position on various search engines. If any of you invite someone else from another forum, ask them if they are part of another forum and advertise there. We've gotta branch out and spread our web of awesomeness to other places of the Internet.

I've linked our forum to other forums on the phpBB servers increasing our chance of new members. I've also opted to have our website posted on search engines such as Google, bing, Yahoo, etc. However, only forum activity and the number of hits from search engines will raise our place on those websites. i've also sent a bulk e-mail out to the entire Rev. Community. Most of you received that e-mail. Sadly, I'm not part of another forum to advertise on.

Just please help out where ever and when ever. I would personally appreciate it and it would help prevent another great forum from crumbling into dust.

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