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Timeline So Far.... Major Events Empty Timeline So Far.... Major Events

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2163 BYZ
Faster Than Light Travel becomes a reality. First Contact between species

793 BYZ
Force Sensitives join together on Ossus and form the Jedi Religion as we know now with Jedi Master Goran Brolen as it's Grand Master.

498 BYZ
A Jedi is self-exiled for the first time for attacking peers.

493 BYZ
The exiled Jedi founds the Sith Order on Korriban and renames himself Darth Dominus.

267 BYZ - 172 BYZ
The Unifying War
This war had no definite sides except the home planet from which you were from. Previously soveriegn worlds had attacked each other. All the worlds of the inner Galaxy (Modern-day Republic) fought each other in a blood bath leaving trillions dead. They fought through fear and jealousy. They sought superiority and dominance over another until nearly 172 BYZ. During that year, a cease-fire halted all attacks as representatives of each world and The Jedi began diplomatic talks.

171 BYZ
The Republic is Founded, Coruscant is named as Capital.

135 BYZ - 134 BYZ
Gordian War
Systems along the Gordian Reach, outside Republic space joined forces and formed the Gordian Kingdoms. They attacked Republic space and held many trade routes hostage to include the Hydian Way, Daragon Trail, and the Perlemian Trade Route. However, they were obliterated by the Republic's overwhelming forces by the next year and the small war was officially over.

103 BYZ
Lithopia Star System Event
The entire Lithopia Star System located at the near end of the Corellian Run is obliterated by unknown means. Construction of Lithopian Research Station and large investigation ensues.

71 BYZ
Unity Station is constructed and opened on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic.

53 BYZ - 50 BYZ
Mandalorian Wars
The Mandalorians assemble from Mandalorian space and invaded the Republic, catching them off-guard. They began pushing along a single route towards Coruscant, virtually splitting the Republic in two, scoring major victories along the Daragon Trail. Yet, despite the Mandalorians tactical superiority. The Repbulic had many times their forces and began pushing back soon as the Mandalore forces began to thin out. Eventually, the Republic's large and well-replenished forces drove the Mandalorians back into their space and systematically destroyed all their forces.

23 BYZ
Mon Gazza Insurrection
Local terrorists overthrew the feable government of Mon Gazza and placed themselves in power. Several Republic fleets are needed to blockade the planet and destroy local terrorists and those located in nearby star systems.

Unity Station Incident
Terrorists, affiliated with the group from Mon Gazza planned to unleash a dealy bio-agent that would kill every inhabitant of Unity Station, however, the plan was twarted and the terrorists were captured by the Jedi. However, this caused heightened yet controversial security measures throughout the Republic at the cost of many freedoms.

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