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"Agent Trellin, thank you for coming to speak with us today. We've received your application for advancement, and it's policy for us to go over a couple of things first. We're going to ask you some questions about yourself, your past, your previous cases, etcetera. Okay?"

"Of course, sir. It's all there in my personnel file and case records. Well, most of it at least..."

The suited man across the table smiled, exchanging glances with his two cohorts. "That's right... the Domo case. Classified. Had to pull a few Republic Military arms to be allowed access to it ourselves..."

Case Division: Counter Terrorism
Case Status: Closed

Case Summary: Ravon Domo, age 34, suspected of committing treason on multiple occasions, but never convicted. Agent Trellin, leading a cybersecurity team under the Counter Terrorism division on Coruscant, was able to stop a severe plot to broker top secret intelligence files to the highest bidder. Trellin, without the support of RSF SWAT, was forced to engage suspect in ranged combat. Agent Trellin was successful in the suspect's apprehension, and also took the lead in his interrogation, which lead to the discovery of a minor information security flaw. Agent Trellin's apprehension was small-scale enough to render case classification possible.

"It says here that you were told to stand down and wait for backup, but you wouldn't have it. Your superiors rather vaguely gave you permission to engage the suspect. You took a huge risk, and went against protocol."

"There was no time. SWAT was still thirty minutes out, and had I not acted, that information could be in the hands of smugglers, pirates, or even the Hutts. I didn't risk any life but my own, and I did so with confidence in training."

"Something you deserve a commendation for... but until the Republic is done sitting on it, you'll just have to be proud of your little file with the red flashing letters. That was good work you did. But let's talk about your history... You attended the Republic Military Academy on Coruscant. Exemplary grades, excelled particularly in Criminology and Psychology, yet you chose to enter RSF's program upon graduation. How did your Father feel about that?"

My father's always been behind me in whatever I choose. That's one of the reasons I chose RSF... i didn't want to simply be Admiral Trellin's daughter. I know the system is fair, and I didn't receive any preferential treatment in the academy; hell, they were probably harder on me for it there... I just needed some distance from it. Plus, I enjoy what I do. It comes naturally... I can't imagine myself as a Navy Officer anymore.

"You know their pensions are much better..."

"So my father tells me. Every day." She laughed under her breath. "But honestly, I love this job. In my classes, in academy sports, I was always far too competitive. There may be a note in there about my temper while I was younger, but it was really just the drive to win. I love to, no, I need to win in whatever it is I do. And here it's just versus the bad guys... and I'm the one that's going to win."

"This isn't a game, Agent Trellin, you know that. We have rules, but their not always clear. Sometimes the lines get blurry, and we make bad decisions."

You're referring to the "Exquisite Company" case."

Case Division: Organized Crime
Case Status: Closed
Case Summary (excerpt): ... Agent Trellin was put undercover as a prostitute to infiltrate a trafficking and prostitution ring. Trellin was to earn trust of the ringleaders and acquire access to enough incriminating information to allow for the collapse and prosecution of the entire ring. While undercover, Trellin was asked by the ring's kingpin to perform a special duty for him, to earn her place amongst the highest paid, most respected of the "Exquisite Companions". Trellin was asked to offer sex services to a small-time competitor of of the ring, and then murder him. Trellin was authorized to obey orders and commit minor offenses while undercover, but this act fell out of the scope of her authorization. Trellin accepted, and tried numerous methods while with the man to otherwise subdue or convince him, but was forced to either abort or kill him. Trellin shot him twice in the back, rendering him instantly dead.... (end excerpt)

"That's right. You took a man's life that day. A man not convicted by the courts, and not through any kind of self-defense. This is not what we do here."

"No sir. I knew that man had probably committed murder, that he had participated in the trafficking of sentient beings, but that still gave me no right to kill him. But I truly believed my life was in danger. When he got the best of my physically and I was partially subdued, I had reason to believe he was going to report me to the ring, in exchange for partnership. I made a tough decision. I didn't have solid evidence, but I made the hardest decision of my career, and I stand behind it today, as I stood behind it then."

"The special court and Internal Affairs stand behind you as well, Trellin. I hope you weigh all your future situations with just as much gravity as you did this one."

"Some things of a more personal nature, now," spoke another man, leaning forward. "If you're not comfortable answering any of these, you may say so. Agent Trellin, are you romantically involved with any one at the moment."

"I am not"

"Do consider yourself to be in good physical and mental condition?"

"I've never felt better, sir. My psych and phis checkouts should attest to that."

"Do you smoke?"



"Well, don't we all in this profession?" Her joke was answered only with blank faces. "Yes, I do... moderately.

Looking at one another, the three men nodded, and the first one spoke, "Thank you, Agent Trellin, that will be all for now." As she left, they opened her personnel file for one last look.

RSF Personnel #50004
Alexandra Trellin  2001andreaparker

Name: Alexandra Trellin
Age: 32
Height: 5' 10"
Weight 160 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Birthplace: Coruscant
~Special Honors from Republic Military Academy and the RSFA~

-Field Investigation

Primary Education: Republic Military Academy
Academic Focus: Psychology
Note from Dr. Harkwith, PHD, chair of Republic Academy division of Psychology
To whom it may concern,

Per request of her potential employers, I am writing to give my utmost recommendation of Miss Alexandra Trellin for Republic Security Force acceptance. Over the course of the last four years, I have had the pleasure of having Alexandra in my classroom multiple times, and participating in a one-on-one independent study with her for a joint Criminology/Psychology thesis on interspecies interrogation and deception recognition. From the very beginning I've watched her excel, always brining something unique and interesting to the table during class discussions. She was delightfully inquisitive in the lower-level courses, and thoroughly challenging as she matured into a bright young scholar. She is a testament to the Republic's own system of education, and will make an invaluable asset to the RSF. I would trust my safety and that of my family in her hands, and with her working for the security of our Republic, I feel indeed safer.

Professor Remmik Harkwith, PHD, Psychology

Academic Focus: Criminology
Note from Dr. Sergei Razskzoff, Department Chair, Criminology, Republic Academy
Respected Directors of the RSF,
I write to you today to recommend the best of the best, as is our custom to do with each graduating class. I will start by saying you all have an incredible opportunity coming your way in the form of Alexandra Trellin. I've had the pleasure of serving as her academic advisor for the past three years, as well as serving as her professor and co-sponsor of her thesis on interspecies deception recognition. She's a strong, brilliant young woman; that she is the daughter of Admiral Trellin comes as no surprise! The RSF is fortunate to have her interest over the Navy. She'd make a fine officer, but the scope and magnitude of her talents are best instituted elsewhere. She's fiercely intelligent, and experiences a pleasure in outwitting the dishonest. This, combined with a strong work ethic and a devoted attention to detail makes her my ideal candidate for your accelerated programs.

All the best,
Dr. Sergei.

Extracurricular Activity: Martial Arts Team
Note from Ken'Vala, Martial Arts Instructor
So I hope I've got this going to the write place. Alexandra Trellin? Well, she may not be the outright strongest, but she utilizes her physique better than the rest of the team. Hell if I had a few decent-sized Quarren or some stronger species with her body control and intelligent, I could create quite a team! No, Alex is very strong for her size, and for being a female, and can hold her own with the best of them. Damn quick, too. If you give her a blaster and some room to dance, I'd say you'd have one hell of an agent.

For the Republic
Master Ken'Vala

Secondary Education: Republic Security Force Academy

Investigative Rating: Exceptional
-Very intuitive, with a keen insight to the criminal process.
-Aptitude for evidence tracking, can turn one clue into a concrete case, without legal trouble
-Unparalleled interrogation skill. If her undergraduate thesis is expanded at some date it will likely be included in some form in our curriculum.
-Shows definite leadership potential. Her peers excelled under her command.

Combat Rating: Above Average
-Excellent pistol marksmanship.
-Good aptitude for subject apprehension. Perhaps on the rough side.
-SWAT capable, works very well with a team. Did extremely well with a team under her command as well.
-Above average hand-to-hand capabilities. Versed in basic martial arts.

Psych Profile
-Republic Academy entrance exam: passed.
Voice Log 520933, School Psychologist: "Student's name: Trellin, Alexandra. Goes by Alex most of the time. Very motivated, very competitive. I'm a little concerned about her assimilation into her class. Her dedication to her studies, her disinterest in those who she feels don't challenge her, and her obsession with coming in first may isolate her. I've recommended her for sparring classes, with the hope she can expend some of her dominance aggression there, and bond with teammates and sparring partners in the meantime. Her father being a prominent Admiral, it's not hard to see how she would have developed these traits. I don't see any resentment, however. When I asked about her personal life, she mentioned, 'My father let me make my own mistakes, too...' suggesting she's been brought up firmly, but still with some measure of freedom. It will be interesting to see how she reacts with other male authority figures. I see no cause for concern, however."

Supplementary Log 521004, School Psychologist: "Update on Trellin, Alexandra. Alex is doing rather well. She's managed to make a few friends, naturally associating primarily with the top of her class. From what I observe, she's a good influence on them, and vice versa."

Academy Psych Report
- Personality: Alex is a bold and confident. She trusts deeply in her own decisions, but at the same time holds the experience of others in high value. She is respectful to those in authority, and has strongly negative feelings towards insubordination. Interestingly, though, she is very clear that she doesn't consider the usurping of authority to always be insubordination. Obviously having a military upbringing, she acknowledges the purpose of the chain of command, but affirms her believe that, when a higher link becomes unreliable, it is the responsibility of both those above and below to work to fix or replace the weak link.

Alex is normally very pleasant, but takes deception incredibly seriously. She has a knack for telling when people are lying, and when she suspects it, she is rather merciless in her inquiries for the actual truth. Merciless does not refer to physical violence, it should be noted. She's not been reported or even suspected to have harmed another student here; she will, however, resort to rather extreme verbal stimuli, often in the form of accurate and demeaning accusations. This is unusual, but the counselors have reported students coming in, feeling distraught about some rumor they had spread, an exam they had cheated on, or some other way they had been dishonest in their dealings with and around Alex.

-Likes: Alex surrounds herself with people who challenge her. She'll pour over training case files and recorded interrogations with her friends. She has a definite love for coffee, and could probably stand to consume a little less caffeine. She enjoys food, and is interested in trying new, foreign cuisines. She loves wine, as well. Her father would bring her trinkets, treats, and delicacies from the different galactic regions he visited, instilling this love. Alex loves to win, finds particular pleasure in the pursuit and interrogation of criminals. We've put her in a class with a Dr. Harkwith, who has noticed her talents and agreed to help her develop them healthily.

-Dislikes: Alex is bothered by deception. She realizes it as a natural part of our nature, but takes deep, deliberate deception very seriously. Alex has a problem with favoritism, as well, particularly when people inherit powers, positions, and privileges she feels they don't deserve. She is rather confident in her own hard work and self-motivation, but there may be a hint of projection here, in that she truly fears being marked as privileged.

Medical Record
-Sustained a broken left humorous in the Academy while sparring.
-Admitted twice for wounds received in the line of duty. One blaster bolt to the lower right hip, barely missing her ovaries. Scar remains. Another blaster shot to her upper right shoulder blade; combat vest protected and minimized damage.
-Latest check-up shows excellent physical condition. Liver enzymes were just slightly elevated, so slight dietary changes were recommended.

Service Record
-Coruscant Organized Crime unit - 5 years. Three months undercover. 36 Convictions. 90% Conviction rate.
-Coruscant Counter Terrorism Unit - 3 years. 3 Convictions. 100% Conviction rate.
-Two commendations for taking injury in the line of duty
-One commendation for exceptional field work.

"Gentlemen, that will be all. I'll inform her of our decision shortly"

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