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Dr. Valara "Azakeia" Azarkin Empty Dr. Valara "Azakeia" Azarkin

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Dr. Valara "Azakeia" Azarkin Lanna_Armstrong_by_CrazyDwarf

NAME: Dr. Valara Azarkin
RANK: Doctor of Medicine; Fellow of Emergency, Reparative and Heavy-Trauma Surgery; Fellow of Biochemical Therapy; License to practice interspecies medicine. (ALL LICENSES CURRENTLY SUSPENDED)
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde, though subject to change.
SKIN: Fair

STRENGTH: Azakeia is a woman of low body weight and average stature, so her body strength is not something she can depend on.
DEXTERITY: Azakeia's is quick and nimble, and her hand-eye coordination is impeccable
CONSTITUTION: Her low body mass gives her an above average level of endurance.
INTELLIGENCE: Azakeia is very intelligent. She graduated medical school and was granted fellowship in two separate prestigious medical organizations.
WISDOM: Azakeia has a good heart and used to perceive the world well, but after an incident she became very troubled.
CHARISMA: Azakeia is an attractive woman, and she knows how to use her charm. Beyond that, she possesses an average charisma.

SKILLS: Azakeia attended a prestigious medical school on Coruscant on a full-ride scholarship. She came from a middle-class farming family in rural Alderaan, where she was considered a prime example of a public school success story. Azakeia was very studious and possesses a naturally keen medical mind. The life process just makes sense to her. Azakeia is a talented trauma surgeon, having practiced for years on a extraordinary number of species. In addition to surgical expertise, she worked for a time developing chemical alternatives to invasive treatment. Her knowledge of body chemicals and the engineering process is extensive.

Dr. Azakeia is extremely intelligent, observant, and a very talented doctor. She is also a fairly attractive woman. However, she has recently fallen into drug use, and her mind is traumatized after a horrific encounter with a former patient. Her former respect and love for all life were buried behind a wall of paranoia, shame, and self-preservation.

Azakeia carries little with her. She doesn't carry a blaster, but she does keep a scalpel tucked up her sleeve at all times. She keeps a number of very small emergency medical supplies on a sleek belt.

Azakeia owns a small four-person starship meant for interplanetary travel. It was a graduation gift from her parents, and after her mental collapse she changed all the registration numbers, repainted it, and removed any markings that would associate it with her past.

Azakeia keeps a number of Alderaanian plants in her practice.

Valara Azarkin was a very bright girl, graduating the top of her class and having the respect of all of them as well. She was always kind, and loved helping her mother in their garden. She enjoyed helping her father during the harvest seasons too, just as long as it didn't interfere with her studies. She had a deep love and respect for all life, and was an outspoken advocate for peace. She won the love and respect of her peers in and after medical school, always demonstrating a gentle yet firm resolve to succeed. Her passionate yet professional concern for the patients, no matter their background, was truly remarkable, as was her percentage of work done pro-bono.

After the incident, Azakeia became withdrawn. She succumbed to multiple addictions from both anti-depressant and pain medication use. She sought help, checking herself into a treatment center while her licenses were suspended. She was content to get better, until she ran into her aggressor once more at the treatment center. This event shattered the floor she was working so hard to build beneath herself, and she fell further out of her mind and off the radar.

Dr. Azarkin graduated medical school one year earlier than most of her classmates. She immediately enrolled in the Coruscant Academy of Emergency, Reparative Heavy-Trauma Surgery. She excelled as a surgical student and later as a resident, finding her work as a civilian employee at the Republic Military Hospital extremely rewarding. It was here she applied and was accepted into a fellowship and research project in the field of chemical therapies. Three years of research gave her the urge to return to the operating table, however, so she did just that.

One day a republic squad took heavy fire at a nearby spaceport trying to bring down a crew of notorious smugglers. They failed at their task and a few of them were brought to the hospital, horridly wounded. Four of the ten survived, one of them being a Sergeant Baris Trellik, the patient Dr. Azakeia was working on. She saved his life, but was given no other option but to remove his left arm and right leg from the knee down. It was a brilliant save, for all intents and purposes the soldier should have died, but her quick thinking and nimble work gave him another chance at life elsewhere than the military.

One month after the procedure, she was attacked in her home. Two goons and the former Sergeant Trellik broke into her apartment, extremely intoxicated and suffering a bad dose of some sort of stimulant drug. They were enraged, and Trellik had a vendetta. "You, you b**ch!" he screamed. "Ya ruined me! I had all I wanted... I was... a great soldier. A goddam hero! You took it all, you took my arm, my leg!"

"I... I couldn't do anything else, Mr. Trellik," she said, frozen in fear. "I promise, I did everything I could. Please, Mr. Trellik, is there anything-"

"SERGEANT TRELLIK" he shouted, his voice booming through the small apartment. "Yeah, you're gonna do something alright..." The three huge men started closing in on her, the scent of body odor and alcohol pervading the air.

"Please," she uttered, but it was to no avail. The men beat her viciously and then raped. She was left with a broken arm, a shattered shoulder, and a fractured femur. She remained conscious the entire time, she felt each blow. She wished more than anything she could have just feinted, but she could not.

Months later found her in a voluntary treatment centre, receiving psychological counseling and working to break a heavy addiction to pain medication and anti-depressents. A clean bill of health from this facility would reinstate her into the medical world, the world she loved. A few weeks into her treatment she saw a face from her past and from her nightmares. Working as a simple security guard in the facility was the former Sergeant Trellik. He was standing at the door to the insanity ward, sneering in her direction. She spend the remainder of that evening and the next awake, shuddering alone in her bed. Who could she tell? The withdrawal from the drugs was deeply affecting her judgement. She had to be free of that nightmare.

That evening she got out of her bed, wandered to the kitchen and picked the lock. She found a six inch knife and quietly made towards the insanity ward. He stood there, a 6' 3" devil in security detail. She stepped slowly towards him. He should have been in jail, but the prosecutor botched the trail. He was released with dishonorable discharge. Apparently this hospital did a poor job of background checks. That or the discharge was stricken from his public record. It didn't matter, he was there, in front of her. He was about to tell her to turn around and go away, but she didn't let him say anything. With a quick fluid motion she buried the knife in his stomach, severing the diaphragm. He couldn't make a sound. As he toppled in pain, she inserted the blade into the back of his neck, between the third and fourth vertebrae, effectively cutting off all nerve function. He died instantly.

She ran from the facility that night. It was a voluntary center, so there was nothing to stop her before they realized what happened. She packed as many belongings as she could and fled to Nar Shadaa. She took food from the garbage, she performed medical procedures on lowlifes for low pay. She set up her own unlicensed practice in the underground, helping criminals without asking a single question. As she further and further buried her identity, she also buried her soul and her mind. Beneath a mask of apathy, beneath drugs, dose after dose.

She locked away Valara Azarkin, and became Azakeia.

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