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Rise of Darth Galaticus

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Rise of Darth Galaticus Empty Rise of Darth Galaticus

Post by #1SithLord Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:35 pm

The following will detail the Rise of Darth Galaticus at various important moments in his life leading up to the Great Sith War. It will give more insight into his character and explain many

A slap to the face, cold pain in his youg heart. He looked up at his mother, a tear shed, falling down his cheek. He thought, 'why?' He did what he felt was right....

"You were told better you worthless child!" his mother yelled in furious anger, berating her son.

"Mother, I was only trying to help! What else was I supposed to do." said a young Kane Leponius, feeling sadness and fear. He trembled slightly as his mother stood over him. He felt as if he was backed against the wall, his arms clenched in and unable to move.

"You will expel weakness, never defend it! Unless you seek to become weak yourself. Weakness means death. You should have killed him! Instead of protecting him against thieves." The anger could easily be seen on her face. Dark eyes, and a cold stare against her son.

But they were going.......... Aagh!" said the young boy before being cut off by his mother who raised her own son off the ground, simultaneously choking him through the force and threw him against the wall. His back slammed against the wall, causing several cracks.

"Don't you dare question me! Get downstairs now! You will remain there until I call for you."

The young boy slowly collected himself, he pushed himself up. He was in great pain but dare not show it in front of his mother who would only berate him more. He tried to hold back in tears, squenching his face as a result but it was inevitable. He turned around, his head and shoulders hunched over. With his back turned, he shed his tears, walking away from his mother in despair.

He sat downstairs, furious and angry at his mother. He thought of how he hated his mother and just wanted her to 'go away.' However, his 'room' was hardly a room at all. It was the basement of the house, little light and cold. It was always cold in his room. A lone bed and a dresser filled with his clothes were all that habited the dark celler. Several leaks from nearby pipes added to the unsanitary and bleak conditions.

The young boy continued to bask in his rage while upstairs, his father came home.

"Where is Kane?' asked the father while he put up his belongings.

"Downstairs, banished." she replied.

"Again?" he said, sitting down on the couch.

"Yes. He'll learn his lesson one day. otherwise, he'll be destroyed." she said, sitting on the couch next to him. She was cold, and only cared for her son's strength.

"We can only keep him hidden for so long. I sense that the Dark Lord hasn't felt his presence yet. We are the only ones alive who know his midichlorian count. If the Dark lord knew, he would attempt to kidnap him as his own apprentice and he would destroy us." His father knew the situation. he knew how much potential his son had and that if others knew of that potential, that they would seek to use him for their own advantage.

Downstairs, the young Kane Leponius continued his temper tantrum. In a fit of rage, he gathered his deepest and darkest emotions. Upset by his own continual failure to earn aproval from his parents. Out of nowhere, pretending to punch the wall, he released a wave of force energy. The wall shattered, nearly collapsing the ceiling upon him. He left a large, gapping hole in the ground.

He stood in shock at what just happened. He was speechless as to what happened, he never suspected himself. After several monets, however, he looked at his hand and asked himself if he caused it. His parents ran downstairs and the moment they saw the destruction, they knew.......... Their son had felt the force and its power................

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